Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sundt's Scribes: Chris Broussard '90

In this edition of Sundt’s Scribes, Hal Sundt details the journey of how former Yeomen hoopster and currently NBA Analyst for ESPN Chris Broussard went from a young and aspiring journalist at Oberlin College to main the stage of ESPN’s studios.

“How long do you think you need?” asks Chris Broussard, his voice muffled from what I can only guess is the splatter of rain smacking against the windshield of his car as he makes his way to the ESPN Studios in Bristol, Connecticut.

“Let me call you back in about 10 or 15 minutes,” Broussard then casually says. “And then I’ll give you the time.”

On this day, Wednesday, April 27th, Chris Broussard is a busy man. The NBA Playoffs are in full force and over the ensuing hours, days and months he will break down the contenders and pretenders for the NBA Championship, debate if (or possibly when) All-Star center Dwight Howard will leave the Orlando Magic, and evaluate the prospects for the upcoming NBA draft, all while managing the constant flow of rumors about a potential (some say certain) NBA lockout.

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