Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minutes With ...

Name: Keri Alexander Luchowski

Institution: North Coast Athletic Conference

Title: Executive Director

Education: Masters in Sport Management, Kent State University; Bachelors in Professional Writing, Wheeling Jesuit University

• Why did you choose to work in NCAA Division III?

KAL: I have worked in various levels of sport throughout my career, but have really chosen to make Division III my home because I identify with the ideas of balance and sportsmanship among others in the Division’s philosophy. I can relate to the passion our students bring to everything they fill their lives with, both academically and athletically.

• If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

KAL: Mark Recchi, so I could know what it feels like to hoist a Stanley Cup.

• People may be surprised to know that ……

KAL: A lot of people probably know I played soccer in college, but most would be surprised that I was a swimmer and a soccer player when I was in high school.

• How has your experience been in making sure that student-athletes have a proper balance among athletics and academics in the Conference?

KAL: The idea of balance is one that, while not expressly stated in our philosophy, guides our every decision. We continually look to the experience students have and strive to allow them the most space to explore and learn both in academics and athletics. For me, it is a wonderful experience to see when we succeed in reaching that goal.

• Do you have any hidden talents that very few people know about?

KAL: I am an excellent cook, if I do say so myself!

• How did your collegiate experience help to prepare you to be an administrator at the Div. III level?

KAL: Without my experience as a student-athlete, I would not be nearly as effective an administrator today. I learned so much during those years, both in the classroom and in all of the different roles I was encouraged to try on. I learned how to better manage my time, how to prioritize, how to work well with others. I was incredibly lucky that my sport led me to the place that was a perfect fit for me. I would wish my experience for anyone hoping to get the most out of college.

• What’s currently playing on your I-Pod?

KAL: A random mix: Pink, Rod Stewart, Rick Springfield, Pete Townshend, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Foo Fighters

• What do you feel are the most rewarding aspects of being a college administrator at the Div. III level, and what may be some of the least rewarding aspects of the job?

KAL: The absolute most rewarding thing about being at the NCAC is working with our student-athletes. Seeing how hard they work; seeing how gracefully they deal when things don’t quite go according to plan; seeing what they accomplish. It’s inspiring.

• What are some of the life lessons that you believe student athletes can learn by competing at the Div. III level?

KAL: How to prioritize, time management, teamwork, how to set goals and then how to plan to reach those goals successfully

• How would you best describe your normal day as an administrator at the Div. III level?

KAL: What I like best is that there is no “normal” day. As part of a conference office, I have different opportunities every day. I can work on a future schedule, help someone navigate NCAA legislation and hand out a trophy all in the same day! I spoke at a career day recently and some students were disappointed in how much of my job is done behind a desk. But what we do is so different every day that the “desk” part of the job is just as interesting and challenging as the “games” part of my job is fun.

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