Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bamberger's Amazing Comeback Featured in Magazine

In the fall of 2006, Wittenberg's Jordan Bamberger suffered what for most would be a career-ending knee injury as a backup goalkeeper for the Tiger women's soccer team. This fall, she capped her college career, and two long years of rehab, with an NCAC championship and a trip to the NCAA tournament.

Jordan underwent a posterolateral corner reconstruction with a lateral meniscus repair and then hard part began. Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer Michaelyn Sebold describes the grueling rehab process:
"Jordan's rehab was very slow, very painful," Sebold said. "Most knee patients get better every day. There is obvious progression. But Jordan, for the first couple months, had to be locked straight out in her brace after every rehab session. So she started at ground zero basically every day.

"There was more hands-on with me having to do a lot of the work because for those few months she was not allowed to actively use her hamstrings. The pain was so excruciating for her that some days it took an hour and a half to bend her just five times. She had to be held down by one of my students because it was so painful. It was the first time I had ever done this type of rehab so we did everything by the book."
Jordan's inspiring comeback is featured in the December issue of Training & Conditioning Magazine, and also on the Wittenberg web site.

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