Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Minutes With ... Kevin Snyder

Allegheny sophomore tennis player Kevin Snyder
Name: Kevin Snyder

Hometown/High School: Medina, NY/Medina

Institution: Allegheny College

Majors: Political Science and Communication Arts

Sport: Tennis

•    I am originally from ... Medina, NY. It’s a really small town on the Erie Canal in between Buffalo and Rochester.

•    Why did you choose to attend a NCAA Division III institution? The chance to play tennis while getting a great education was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I really valued the small campus at Allegheny as well.

•    How would you describe the philosophy of NCAA Div. III? Division III is all about playing for the name on the front of our jerseys. We play our sports because we love practicing and competing, and we also do it because our school, teammates, and friends are important to us. We also realize that academics are our top priority while at college and we treat it as such.

•    How has your experience been in balancing athletics and academics Allegheny? It’s not easy, but it is doable. Allegheny is a tough school and in order to do well in the classroom and on the field I’ve had to really maximize my time when I am free, even if that means taking less naps! The professors at Allegheny are supportive of the student-athletes and when I do have to miss class for matches, they understand, but I still have to get the work done.

•    How would you best describe your normal day as a student-athlete at the NCAA Div. III level? I.e. What do you do all day? I usually wake up, get some breakfast, and then head to class. After class I work at my work study job in our Office of Student Involvement. After that I either get some homework done or get some extra practice in with my coaches before our team practice. After practice, we usually get dinner as a team and then I head to the library to finish up my homework. Then I repeat.

•    Favorite thing about Allegheny? The greatest thing about Allegheny by far is our community. That is something that set it apart from other schools for me. It’s special and when we say “We Are Allegheny,” we mean it. We are one big community and we support each other in the things that we do.

•    Favorite thing about the NCAC? The competition of the conference is awesome. Being able to go up against some of the top tennis teams in the country is challenging but great at the same time. We are definitely one of the best tennis conferences in the nation.

•    What do you want to be when you grow up? I’d love to work in Marketing and Public Relations. But I wouldn’t pass up a job in college sports.

•    If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why? Jay Carney, he is the White House Press Secretary. I’ve always loved that job and if I was to go into politics, it would be my dream to do that.

•    People may be surprised to know that ……All the names in my family start with the letter K. Even our pets.

•    What’s currently playing on your I-Pod? “Mind Your Manners” by Chiddy Bang

•    Do you have one coach and/or professor that has impacted your career the most at Allegheny? Jared Luteran, my Head Coach has definitely impacted me. He has taught me a lot about not just tennis but attention to details in life, which is something that I will use forever. He’s also helped me establish a good work ethic on the court and in the classroom. As far as Professors, Jim Bulman in our English department was my first experience with a college professor, and he was fantastic. He taught me what Allegheny was really about and how to make the most out of my time here. He was my advisor for my first year and a half, and the advice he gave me was gold.

•    What would be your advice for someone that is considering enrolling as a student-athlete at a NCAA Div. III institution? Do it. It’s the best possible decision you could make. I’ve made lifelong friends on my team, developed great habits, and am doing something that I love to do. There isn’t much that beats competing for your school. I could not see myself not being a student-athlete.

•    Who do you look up to? My Dad. He is one of the wisest people that I know.

•    if you could excel at any competitive sport (other than your own) which would you choose? I’ve always wanted to play volleyball. I’ve always had fun playing it.

•    Which historical sporting event would you have liked to witness? The 1993 Wild Card Playoff game between the Bills and the Oilers. You can’t beat great comebacks.

•    What’s your favorite sports team/Who’s your favorite athlete? The Buffalo Bills are my favorite team, and my favorite athlete is Sam Querrey.

•    My favorite sports memory is…? Playing at the National Tennis Center in New York City.

•    Favorite ice cream? Chocolate Panda Paws.

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