Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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When Ohio Wesleyan men’s lacrosse coach Sean Ryan received an unexpected package from US Lacrosse, the men’s college lacrosse governing body, he was surprised.

Ryan’s surprise turned to delight when inside the package was a letter and a plaque announcing that the Ohio Wesleyan team had received the James “Ace” Adams Sportsmanship Award at the US Lacrosse National Convention in January.

Ryan, who did not attend the national convention, says he was ecstatic when he received the package and had no idea that the team had won.

The award is bestowed by US Lacrosse and the US Lacrosse Men’s Division Officials Council. The award is given to programs from Division I, Division II and Division III that show sportsmanship from players, coaches, administrators, and fans. The Ohio Wesleyan team also will be featured in Lacrossemagazine.

“To receive this award is a complete honor because it comes directly from (game) officials,” Ryan says. “For the University and our program to be recognized by the officials is a huge honor. The award itself shows the amount of positive support we have received from the student body and game-day administration that ensures an excellent game-day experience for everyone.”

Ryan says his coaching staff, the team members, and their parents were very excited because many of them did not know such an award existed.

Director of Athletics Roger Ingles says the award is a big honor for the team and the University because it shows the team’s commitment to sportsmanship.

“It is very important to me personally that we do things first-class and that when our teams compete against others they do so with respect and honor for their opponents,” he says. “I would much rather we lost a contest with class than to win without it.

“Lacrosse is a physical and very rough game,” Ingles continues. “It takes a strong-willed personality to play it and to play it successfully. This award says a lot about our kids’ ability to compete at the highest level and to do so with honor, integrity and class.”

– Michelle Rotuno-Johnson ’12
Article courtesy of Connect2 OWU, Feb. 25, 2010

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