Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wabash SID Brent Harris shares a behind-the-scenes story from last week's Wabash at Case NCAA football playoff game on his blog, SID notes:
After the game I †watched members of both teams --- players and coaches --- talking to each other on the field like they were old friends when moments earlier they had both been fighting for a spot in the next round of the tournament.
But the most interesting part of the story is an email from Case QB Dan Whalen to Little Giants Head Coach Eric Raeburn. Brent got permission to share the message. Even though the Spartans had just seen their perfect season end in dramatic fashion, Dan was able to take the time to compliment his opponent. He comments on the class of the Wabash players in victory, but he shows plenty of grace and class himself.
We came into the playoffs treating Wabash as the team to beat in the bracket, not only because of the way you beat us last season, but because of what you accomplished so far this year. And after Saturday, I still believe that to be true. Your defensive line all across the board is as solid as I've ever seen or played against and they were the reason for most of our offensive struggles. They never got flustered and they sure never stopped coming across the ball. After the game, while I was still pretty pissed off about the way things ended, and as jacked up as your team was with their victory, they still managed to be classy in every sense of the word-which isn't always an easy thing to do.
Read the whole post here.

Wabash hosts Wheaton today in second round playoff action.

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Mike Gleeson said...

That's absolutely a class act right there. It always seems like kids from smaller programs remain humble and respectful, probably because they haven't been hoisted on a pedestal by cutthroat D-1 majors.

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