Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Around the NCAC - with quotes!

It's a busy time around the NCAC ...

** Allegheny AD Betsy Mitchell was featured by Athletic Management Magazine. The Q&A focuses on her plans at Allegheny and on her career in athletics.
What is the big picture for Allegheny athletics?
The athletic department should be a piece of our overall institution, not just an auxiliary unit that does its own thing. In athletics, we are completely hooked into the mission of Allegheny, which is to prepare our students for their lives after college.

Also in the big picture is publicizing what we do to prospective students, our community, donors, and friends. The strategic vision is all about getting our words to people both inside and outside the institution.
Read the whole feature here.
** The Hiram SAAC collected 221 pairs of shoes for Soles3Souls.

** The Oberlin baseball team has spent the past month volunteering at a local elementary school. Team members volunteer at the elementary school four days a week, visiting three fifth-grade classrooms. The squad's efforts were featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The idea to volunteer came from Brian Verne, a senior and co-captain.
I had so many great experiences growing up," said Verne, a sociology major.
"I know what it feels like to succeed at something. I want kids to succeed.
"One of the greatest deeds anyone can do is to put a smile on a kid's face."
** A chat with Ohio Wesleyan women's basketball coach Nan Carney-DeBord was posted in the OWU electronic magazine, Connect2OWU. The winningest coach in Battling Bishop women's basketball history has a much wider focus than simple wins and losses.
“I view coaching as a mutual exchange of positive energy,” she explains. “It’s an honor for me to be able to work with so many incredibly talented student-athletes..."
Read the full story here

** The annual Monon Bell football game between Wabash and DePauw will be broadcast to a national audience by HDNet for the fourth time.
For those who may not realize it, that’s a very big deal.
The network sent an advance crew to Wabash a short while ago. Read a little about it here, in a blog post by Jim Amidon.

** Wittenberg awarded the first Dave Maurer Honorary Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a sophomore, junior or senior male student with financial need who has demonstrated such qualities as self-discipline, teamwork, cooperation, hard work, self-confidence, pride in accomplishment, competitive spirit, and the ability to deal with adversity. Click here for more.

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