Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Minutes With ... Robert Wolf

Kenyon senior track & field student-athlete Robert Wolf
Name: Robert Wolf

Hometown/High School: Cleveland, OH/ St. Ignatius

Institution: Kenyon College

Major: Biology

Sport(s): Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field

I am originally from ... Cleveland, OH

Why did you choose to attend a NCAA Division III institution? I chose to come to Kenyon because of the high academic standards demanded by the institution.

|How would you describe the philosophy of NCAA Div. III? People who choose DIII schools seem to participate in athletics because they want to as opposed to fulfilling a scholarship. It is based only on the enjoyment that student-athletes derive from working hard and trying their best.

How has your experience been in balancing athletics and academics at Kenyon? Kenyon is a very demanding school and at times it has been extremely challenging academically. However, our coaches know what is expected of us academically and therefore are very lenient when we need more time. They always stress that academics come first.

How would you best describe your normal day as a student-athlete at the NCAA Div. III level? Class in the morning, homework and studying until practice, and homework after practice.

Favorite thing about Kenyon? The availability of professors to help their students. And, the close-knit community between students, faculty, and alumni.

Favorite thing about the NCAC? The fact that all schools are equally competitive in the conference.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Special agent for the FBI.

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why? LeBron James. He is the most gifted athlete in the world.

If you are stranded on an island, you would like to be with
…… Object: Bible ... Person: my little brother

What aspect of being a student-athlete at the Div. III level, do you hope to take with you into your professional life? The work ethic that goes into both my academics and athletics.

What has been your most memorable moment in athletics during your collegiate career? Breaking the Kenyon College 4x200 record at the conference meet and being named All- Conference.

What would you like to accomplish, both in academics and athletics, before you graduate? Some school records are attainable for my team this year. I want to help get them as close as possible to breaking some of those records.

What’s currently playing on your I-Pod? The Beatles “Hey Jude”

Do you have one coach and/or professor that has impacted your career the most at Kenyon? Coach Craig First

What is your most prized possession? My iPhone 3GS. I know there are better models, but my phone is the best. No question. 

In your opinion, what is the most important life lesson you learned while competing at the NCAA Div. III level? First, a team that will stick together through thick and thin is the best team you can be on. If you want something bad enough, go and get it.

Who do you look up to in life? My father

If you could be a superhero which special power would you choose to have? All of Spiderman’s powers

If you could excel at any competitive sport (other than your own) which would you choose?

Which historical sporting event would you have liked to witness? Michael Jordan’s first title.

What's the most impressive meal you've ever cooked? Toast

What’s your favorite sports team/Who’s your favorite athlete? St. Ignatius Wildcats/ LeBron James

My favorite sports memory is…? My high school 4x800 relay team at St. Ignatius.

Any Pet Peeves? People invading my personal space.