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Throughout the 2010-11 academic year, the North Coast Athletic Conference will give you an in-depth look into the lives of the student-athletes, administrators and faculty members of the conference who epitomize what it means to compete, study and educate at the NCAA Div. III level. We hope that this feature will help people gain a better understanding of why individuals have decided to make NCAA Div. III a cornerstone of their life.


Name/Institution: Meghan Horn/The College of Wooster

Title: Assistant to the Athletic Director/Assistant Track & Field Coach

Education: Bachelors: University of Notre Dame 06’
Masters: Central Michigan University 08’

• Why did you choose to work at an NCAA Division III institution?

MH: I chose to work in Division III athletics because you feel like you are a part of family when working in the athletic department. I enjoy being able to work in a variety of areas in an athletic department. After interning at a Division I institution, I knew that was not the path I wanted to follow. This is my second Division III institution I’ve worked at and I know I made the right choice.

• If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

MH: At this moment from the coaching side of my job, I’d like to experience the life of Jim Tressel for one day. The respect he receives from his athletes on and off the field, I’d like to see how he communicates with them.

• How would you most accurately describe or define the ideals on which the NCAA Div. III was founded?

MH: You are a student-athlete, with an emphasis on student.

• People may be surprised to know that ……

MH: I need to have a last name with a first name in my cell phone contacts. My sisters even think I’m crazy for having them listed by their full name.

• How has your experience been in making sure that student-athletes have a proper balance among athletics and academics at Wooster?

MH: As a new Division III coach, I’ve adjusted to the values placed on the balance between athletics and academics. As an administrator, I believe we have a great balance between the two at The College of Wooster.

• If you are stranded on an island, you would like to be with ……

MH: A hunter.

• Are there any major obstacles that you’ve had to overcome when dealing with Div. III athletics?

MH: The mentality of a Division III athlete is much different than a Division I.

• Do you have any hidden talents that very few people know about?

MH: No. If I had a cool talent I wouldn’t keep it hidden!

• How did your collegiate experience help to prepare you to be an administrator at the Div. III level?

MH: Any time you are on a team it helps develop the key traits needed to work together. At a Division III institution you need to be able to work closely and work well together.

• What has been your most memorable moment in your administrative career at Wooster?

MH: Last year I had a guest speaker come and talk to the athletes about stress management. After the presentation I had athletes come up and thank me. Helping the student-athletes is our job and for them to thank me means I was helping.

• What are the toughest issues facing Div. III athletes in today’s world?

MH: Trying to be multi-sport athletes.

• What’s currently playing on your I-Pod?

MH: A random mix– Country, Pop, Classic Rock, Rap, Blues….. Everything. I love music!

• What do you feel are the most rewarding aspects of being a college administrator at the Div. III level, and what may be some of the least rewarding aspects of the job?

MH: The most rewarding aspect is helping the student-athletes. The least rewarding is sometimes it feels like you are talking to a wall.

• What is your most prized possession?

MH: My Big East – Outdoor Track & Field Championship Ring.

• What are some of the life lessons that you believe student athletes can learn by competing at the Div. III level?

MH: Like any collegiate athlete, time management.

• What would be your advice for someone that is considering enrolling as a student-athlete at a NCAA Div. III institution?

MH: It won’t be easy. But if you work hard and make the commitment, you will find success.
• How would you best describe your normal day as an administrator at the Div. III level?

MH: Being an Administrator and a Coach, I feel like I never know what the day will bring. There is no “normal” day but I guess that’s what I enjoy about it!

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