Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five Minutes With ...

Name: Anelia Mutafova

Hometown/High School: Jackson Township, OH/Massillon Jackson

Institution: Denison University

Major (s): Psychology and Chemistry

Sport (s): Track & Field and Cross Country

* Why did you choose to attend a NCAA Division III institution?

AM: It was an opportunity to be a part of a university with strong academics while still participating in the varsity sport I enjoy.

* If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

AM: Makorobondo Salukombo (Dee). He is someone who has dealt with different obstacles then I have. His difficult childhood in Africa included days when he had to go to sleep at night with guns and bombs going off, days when he would not be able to eat anything, or days when he would have doubts that his father would not come back alive. Living with the wisdom of Dee would be such a learning experience. I think that through his eyes, one can have a much greater appreciation of life and the things I often take for granted. I admire Dee and his everlasting smile.

* How would you most accurately describe or define the ideals on which the NCAA Div. III was founded?

AM: I believe that NCAA Div. III really sets itself apart by truly encouraging a positive relationship from sport to sport and institution to institution. I also think that we can take pride in great sportsmanship while still maintaining a competitive varsity athletics environment.

*People may be surprised to know that …

AM: I have lived most of my life in Bulgaria where my sister and I were a part of some TV shows.

* How has your experience been in balancing athletics and academics at Denison?

AM: I think that being a student-athlete is the best thing that could have had happened to me in college. Being on a varsity team has given me the social support that I may not have gotten from any other involvement on campus. I’ve met people who have the same interests as me and who are my closest friends at Denison. Athletics at Denison has brought discipline, structure and a goal in my days as a student. I truly believe that it has increased my academic performance, despite the fact that there are times when time-management has been a challenge. A lot of these positives are very much influenced by our wonderful Coach Pan.

* If you are stranded on an island, you would like to be with …

AM: My best friend, a journal, water, food…and a sexy man.

* What is the life of a student-athlete studying Psychology and Chemistry like at Denison University?

AM: It requires some time managements and, due to late classes, I often have to go to later practice, but other than that it’s working out great.

* Do you have any hidden talents that very few people know about?

Am: I can wiggle my ears.

* What aspect of being a student-athlete at the Div. III level, do you hope to take with you into your professional life?

AM: Teamwork

* What has been your most memorable moment in athletics during your collegiate career?

AM: When my cross country team and coaches drove out to my hometown (two-hours away) on a school night to support me and my family during a very challenging time.

* What would you like to accomplish, both in academics and athletics, before you graduate?

AM: Strong working ethic, critical thinking skills, a lifelong enjoyment for my sport and great friends.

* What’s currently playing on your I-Pod?

AM: Little Secrets by Passion Pit and some Bruno Mars

* Do you have one coach and or professor in mind that has impacted your career the most at Denison?

AM: Pan Fanaritis has impacted my career as an athlete, student and a person more than anyone else. He has been instrumental in my holistic growth by being my cross country, track and life coach. Thanks Pan!!!

* What is your most prized possession?

AM: A blanket my mother knit for me

* In your opinion, what is the most important life lesson you have learned while competing at the NCAA Div. III level?

AM: Stay in the presence and don’t fall in the expectations trap.

* How many hours a week do you spend on Facebook?

AM: More than I should.

* What would be your advice for someone that is considering enrolling as a student-athlete at a NCAA Div. III institution?

AM: Do it!

* How would you best describe your normal day as a student-athlete at the NCAA Div. III level?

AM: Food, classes, food, practice, food, school work.

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