Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Throughout the 2010-11 academic year, the North Coast Athletic Conference will give you an in-depth look into the lives of the student-athletes, administrators and faculty members of the conference who epitomize what it means to compete, study and educate at the NCAA Div. III level. We hope that this feature will help people gain a better understanding of why individuals have decided to make NCAA Div. III a cornerstone of their life.


Name: Morgan Korinek

Hometown/High School: Cuyahoga Falls, OH /Woodridge High School

Institution: Kenyon College

Major: Biology

Sport: Basketball

• Why did you choose to attend a NCAA Division III institution?

MK: I chose to attend a NCAA division III institution because both academics and athletics were important to me. I wanted to be able to dedicate my time to both, and not have to choose one over the other. I thought playing at a Division III institution would provide me with the best opportunities both in academics and athletics.

• How has your experience been in balancing athletics and academics at your institution?

MK: Kenyon has been amazing in offering an ideal environment in both academics and athletics. I feel that I am able to excel in both academics and athletics.

• If you are stranded on an island, you would like to be with ……

MK: My team and my family.

• What is the life of a student-athlete studying Biology like at Kenyon?

MK: Studying biology at Kenyon has been an amazing experience. My biology professors challenge me in the classroom, but are always available to help in any way possible. My professors have shown interest in me not just as a student, but as a person during my time at Kenyon. My biology professors make up a large group of the professors in the stands at our games and it means a lot to me to have that kind of support from my professors.

• What aspect of being a student-athlete at the Div. III level, do you hope to take with you into your professional life?

MK: The ability to face adversity and rise above it.

• What has been your most memorable moment in athletics during your collegiate career?

MK: My most memorable moment in athletics was probably my first collegiate win. It was a total team victory in a packed gym. It was a great atmosphere to achieve my class’ first collegiate win in.

• What’s currently playing on your I-Pod?

MK: A little bit of everything, ranging from country to Christian rock to rap.

• Do you have one coach and or professor in mind that has impacted your career the most at Kenyon?

MK: Coach Helfant challenges me daily not only as a player, but as a person. She doesn’t allow me to become complacent and is always pushing me to demand more out of myself.

• What is your most prized possession?

MK: Right now my most prized possession is my time at Kenyon.

• In your opinion, what is the most important life lesson you learned while competing at the NCAA Div. III level?

MK: The most important life lesson I have learned is to not be afraid to fail. It happens to everyone. You are going to feel regret in not putting yourself out there and giving yourself a chance. It is important to be motivated by your desire to succeed rather than your fear of failure.

• How many hours a week do you spend on Facebook?

MK: 5-6

• What would be your advice for someone that is considering enrolling as a student-athlete at a NCAA Div. III institution?

MK: I would tell them to take the chance and do it especially if they are an athlete. Being a division III student athlete has been such a positive experience for me that I wish everyone could experience being a Division III student-athlete.

• How would you best describe your normal day as a student-athlete at the NCAA Div. III level?

MK: I wake up and grab some breakfast with friends. I then attend class for three hours and then eat lunch with the team. Next I head down to the gym and get an individual work out in. I spend time studying till practice and then practice with my team. After practice we have team dinner and then often spend the rest of the night studying together.

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