Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wooster Sets Collegiate Cricket Attendance Record

An empty football stadium is not a usual Homecoming scene. Faced with the prospect of no football game for its Homecoming, Wooster got creative.

Fighting Scots fans filled John P. Papp Stadium in record numbers yesterday to watch a cricket match. Yes, cricket. Due to a change in NCAC membership, the Scots had an open date in their football schedule - on homecoming. Wooster boasts a talented club cricket team, which last year was invited to the national championship tournament. Could cricket fill the void? Sure it could.

More than 900 fans filled the stadium to watch the club team take on a team from the community consisting of professionals in business and industry who had played in their native countries before relocating to the U.S. The attendance of 967 topped the previous high of 400 fans for a cricket match on an American college campus.

The community team batted first and scored 141 runs, but the college team charged back, and team captain Maaz Khandelivered a dramatic game-winning hit with just one out remaining to give the college team an exciting 143-141 victory.

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Kudos to Wooster !