Monday, May 11, 2009

NCAC Issue of Champion Magazine

The current issue of NCAA Champion magazine could be considered the NCAC issue. Not really, but the conference is featured several times throughout the magazine:

* The NCAC's 25th anniversary is highlighted in Incusive approach a stalwart of NCAC success, by Leilana McKindry

* Kenyon men's swimming's amazing 30 consecutive national championships are part Freaky Streaks by Greg Johnson. A sidebar to that story also mentions Hiram softball player Whitney Dropsey, who, as of April 1 had not struck out in her collegate career - 305 at-bats. Dropsey rang her streak up to 354 at-bats before suffering her first K in the third game of the NCAC Softball tournament. The Terriers went on to win their first league tourney title and a trip to the NCAA turnament.

* Kenyon's 2009 men's and women's swimming titles are featured as part of the winter championship wrap-up.

* Terry Schermer's touching memorium for former Kenyon athletic trainer George Christman.

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