Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Beginnings

This could be the best time of the whole school year - everything is shiny and new, people are full of hope and promise. The whole school year stretches in front of us like an empty road. I can't wait to see what's around the next corner! I'm not the only one talking about the new season:

The latest issue of Connect2 OWU features a couple of stories about the Battling Bishops. The first features a video interview with Roger Ingles, OWU athletic director, talking about the excitement of the new year, the support of loyal fans and the community, and all of the new things athletes, families, fans and coaches can expect to see this year. The Bishops are about six weeks away from the completion of their first on-campus softball field!

The second article features two of the returning football players, Dean Boylan and Steve Hymes as they begin preseason practices. The two discuss how they came to football in the past as well as what their futures might hold. They also describe what a typical day is like as an OWU student-athlete.

Finally, yesterday's Crawfordsville Journal Review visits with a "Super Sophomore" - Wabash President Patrick White - who is beginning his second year as a Little Giant. White left St. Mary's in Indiana, an all-women's college, to join Wabash last fall. As he settles into his sophomore season, he has found that his experience with the women translates quite well to the men.
As it turns out, the experience at a woman’s college really maps out to the experience here because of fierce loyalty from the students and alumni and a great deal of pride in being special and unusual and distinctive in American higher education.
Good luck to all NCAC coaches and athletes as we begin yet another season!

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