Thursday, June 21, 2007

Champions at the White House

On Monday, June 18, 20 Division I national championship teams met with President George W. Bush at the White House. The NCAA Blog, the Double-A Zone, has a post about the visit and discusses how it would be nice if NCAA champions from Div. II and III institutions would have been included.

There has been at least one NCAA Division III team to visit the White House after winning a championship: the 1987-88 Ohio Wesleyan Men's Basketball Team.

The Battling Bishops claimed the 1988 Div. III championship in men's basketball with a 92-70 win over two-time champion Scranton and became the first Div. III team to visit the White House after being invited by President Ronald Reagan to honor their success.

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Josh Centor said...

Thanks for the information...I hope we will see more Division II and III teams at the White House in the future.

Congratulations on starting this blog...I'm looking forward to learning more about the conference.